Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Conditions

⇒ Minimum 1 months (30 days) prior notice is required for any upgrade or renewal of services

⇒ Minimum 30 days prior notice is must for termination of services. Termination date will be the 1st of subsequent month after completion of termination notice of 30 days.

⇒ All Govt. taxes will be extra as applicable

⇒ Payment shall be paid in advance every quarter/month in favour of “Neesa Technologies Ltd”

⇒ The quoted services shall be executed on the receipt of payment defined in this agreement.

⇒ In case of any additional services, it will be charged extra (Bandwidth, Storage, Additional Users etc.)

⇒ Client has read, understood and agrees to abide by Neesa Technology Limited’s IP policy, available on http://www.datafirst.co.in/ip-policy.html

SLA Terms & Conditions

Service Definition

Neesa Technologies Ltd. (NTL) , will provide services such as Server Collocation, Virtual Private Server, Mailing services on Microsoft Exchange and other hosting services as defined by the plan or plans purchased by you or your company.

Uptime Guarantee

NTL guarantees 99.981% uptime for all our customers. This uptime is calculated on monthly basis. The downtimes that may not be used in uptime calculations are specified in this document.

Technical Support

NTL will provide technical support to you for setting up and configuring your solution and other issues related to services provided by us as per the service order.

E-mail Technical Support

Email technical support is available to you 24 hours, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year. You can report any issues by sending an email to helpdesk@datafirst.co.in. Standard response time for email support is 2 to 4 hours.

Phone Technical Support

Standard Phone Technical Support is available to you between the hours of 8 AM to 8 P.M. – IST. Emergency technical support is also available in case of service interruption 24 hours a day. This service is only for emergency purposes if the issue is caused on the server end/data center end.


Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure smooth operation and optimum performance of services NTL reserves one hour per month to perform scheduled maintenance. This maintenance is performed during off peak hours. This server un-availability is excluded from the uptime calculations. The maintenance is usually scheduled Every Saturday or Sunday nights. If you have any concerns about this schedule please notify us and we can move the maintenance to another day.

Emergency Maintenance

Under certain circumstances beyond our control we might have to perform emergency maintenance. NTL may not be able to notify you about this maintenance in advance. The down times caused due to such type to maintenance may not be used for uptime calculations.

Network Availability

Network availability is defined as ability to communicate with servers residing at NTL data center hosting facility from client location. NTL, guarantees 99.981 % uptime on the Data Center Network owned and operated by us.

NTL leases Internet Bandwidth (Wide area network lines) from leading telecom providers such as Reliance, Tata Communications etc. Tough we strive to provide you with highest availability but as the network outside of our hosting facility is leased and we do not have any control over it, the network disruption may not be used for uptime calculations.

Server Availability

Server Availability is defined as the client’s ability to communicate with the services running on our Data Center. Even tough NTL strives to provide you with highest uptime but there might be circumstances beyond our control that might cause us to fall below our guaranteed 99.981 % uptime.

Server Downtime

NTL guarantees 99.981% uptime for our customers. If customer faces any downtime then NTL will provide 5 times of the downtime at the end of one year.

Fault Reporting to the helpdesk is must for any complaint /issue for Data First Service Offerings
Service affecting Performance Issues Contact Point Contact Name Email Address Contact number
0 to 1 hour 0 to 30 min Help Desk Shift Engineer helpdesk@datafirst.co.in 079-30915849
1 hours to 2 hours 1 hours to 2 hours Senior Manager Mr.Bhavin Panchal bhavin.panchal@datafirst.co.in 9374154041