Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


The Need for a Disaster Recovery

In a world of large enterprises, with global operations, operating continuously, and business continuity becomes ever more critical, making a disaster recovery plan becomes ever more necessary. In the ideal disaster recovery plan, the recovery will be completely automatic, with absolutely no loss of data, cost nothing, and happen instantly with no effect on business operations. It would, in fact, be invisible to the business clients.

This involves choosing right vendors and implementation of processes, policies and infrastructure as per disaster recovery plan. Data First will help you in the integration and management of the different applications and network elements that are needed to ensure business continuity.

If you are running any kind of mission critical applications, the answer to this question is that you can’t afford to lose any data at all. No company can. However, it is still possible to function with marginally impaired data, but for no more than a short period of time.

To determine and ensure all of this, Data First data center professionals have the expertise, the knowledge and the tools required to design, implement and manage business continuity plans for enterprises. We assist in ensuring continuity in the face or disaster or serious incident.

The typical Disaster Recovery services provided by Data First are:

Cold Disaster Recovery Services

Cold Server Recovery service relies on off-site tape warehousing, in which duplicate backup tapes are physically moved to a Data First datacenter. Tapes are stored in Media Safe, which is fireproof in devotion to industry standards. Whenever the tapes are needed, they are taken out of storage and loaded on the recovery server.

Warm Disaster Recovery Services

With this solution, the servers at the alternate location are pre-loaded with the operating systems, applications, software and run periodic updates, ready to take over from the primary datacenter.

Hot Disaster Recovery Services or Parallel Datacenter Services

Data First Datacenter offers Hot DR Site or even synchronized datacenter services for mission critical systems/application. Hot DR Site acts as “replica” of the customer’s data and has the capability to deploy and combine various high-availability technologies to ensure that the customer can instantly recover from any major disaster.

Key Components of Disaster Recovery Services include

⇒  Business Impact and Risk Analysis

⇒  Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

⇒  Contingency audit and plan assurance

⇒  Implementing the Plan

Disaster Recovery Site

Our Disaster Recovery Site are located at Jaipur and NCR depending on customer requirement.