Frequently Asked Questions

When will service be available?

Data First aims to commit its services available round the clock. You can reach with your queries anytime as per your wish to our office and we will reach you with the solution at once.

Can I upgrade my existing server?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing server anytime. Only, you have to make the payment of the difference amount.

What are different Status Settings and their meanings?

There are a number of different status’ settings that can be applied to a customer’s account. Below is a brief explanation of each one. Demo -DEMO ACCOUNT that can be useful for demonstration purposes. Fraud – An account that is fraudulent and used false information to gain ‘free’ service. Trial – A trial account which allows the customer to try the services without paying until the trial period is over. Collections – A status to indicate that this customer has not paid his bill for some time and you are in the process of collecting payment before the account is removed. Closed – The account is closed and no longer used. Expire – The account has expired and is no longer valid and was not renewed. AdminSuspend – this is a suspension that has been put in place due to an administrative reason. Billing Extend – Extends the amount of time a customer is in a billing suspended state before further action is taken. Billing Suspend – An account that has been suspended because the client did not pay their bill. Over Due – Status added by the system after a client’s grace period is over. Cancel – An account status that indicates the account was canceled by the client.

Can I purchase additional disk space?

Additional disk space is available for purchase. To Add the Extra Space, contact us.

How do I transfer a website from shared hosting to a dedicated server?

Transferring a website from a shared host to a dedicated server is a very simple procedure; contact our representatives for further assistance.

Can I install any database or application like any game on my dedicated server?

Yes, your dedicated server is your server! You are free to install any software on your server that you desire. Please keep in mind that we cannot offer support or assistance in installing or configuring applications for that.

Can I use other methods to control my dedicated server?

Your dedicated server is yours, so you may install whatever application you desire. Keep in mind that we can only offer support on the standard methods of remote access.

How can I access my server?

Once you get your admin or root password from your customer panel, you can use that to login to your server. Windows servers can be controlled by Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection, which provides easy access to administer your server. Linux servers can be accessed through standard SSH.

How many IPs do I get, and are they shared or dedicated?

Each Dedicated Server comes with one IP address. Additional IPs can be added easily through your customer billing and administration panel. You are free to use your IPs as shared IPs or dedicated IPs, and there is no limit to the number of IPs you may have per server (though you must complete an IP justification form to obtain additional IPs).