Infrastructure Stability

Buildings are constructed with high-strength reinforced concrete to withstand earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities.
Architecture includes safeguards against Electromagnetic and Radio frequency radiations.

Fire Safety


    ⇒  Compliance with an intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm system in which all the ionization and photoelectric detection devices and alarms are given a unique address associating them to their area of location.

    ⇒  These devices are connected in a loop to the Main control panel, which checks the status (stable or fault) of each at set intervals.

    ⇒  The panel is integrated with the IBMS using a graphical user interface to enable the Personnel in charge to have a pictorial view of all the areas in the facility to facilitate faster preventive actions.

    ⇒  Fire Suppression with eco-friendly, zero residue and highly effective FM 200 gas used.

    ⇒  Precise Localized or broad based fire suppression system slaved in automatic coherence.

    ⇒  Individual rack level circuit breaker to localize short circuits.

    ⇒  Compartmentalization of power and data cables.


Site and Access Security

    ⇒  Facilities conform to stringent Tier III and ISO /IEC 27001:2013 security specifications.

    ⇒  Perimeter security with a 24-hour security control system and auto alarms.

    ⇒  Manual screening at all entry and exit points.

    ⇒  CCTV camera monitoring with minimum 60-day archival record system.

    ⇒  Four levels of electronic access security -Biometric Palm scanning, Access control system, Numeric code and    Proximity card readers.

Precision Environment

   ⇒  Precision-controlled humidity, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), ensuring optimum performance and avoid equipment failure.

   ⇒  Raised flooring for server halls to access data points and to channel airflow

   ⇒  Airflow management grille work, capable of removing the possible ‘hot-spot’ within racks of equipment.

   ⇒  Facilities are also supported by 24 hour back-up diesel generators with full load capacity.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (with backup facilities)


We ensure highest power availability through various means mentioned below:

   ⇒  DATA FIRST has provided for all possible power contingencies by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

   ⇒  Ensuring of stability and reliability of power supply for zero-downtime functioning of the server farm from the input source of Torrent Power.

   ⇒  Facilities are supported by 24 hour back-up diesel generators with full load capacity.

   ⇒  Automatic Process available for switching from the main supply to the DG Set.

   ⇒   Option of AC/DC power supply.

   ⇒  Capable of handling very high power density equipment.

24 x 7 Engineering & Technical Support

   ⇒  Skilled manpower across the platform both in hardware and software to deliver right and timely solution to the customer.

   ⇒  Support available 24×7 to enable deployment of your systems, or help you address issues from simple tape rotation to complex hardware or software problems.